Welcome to Greythink.in

We are a small bootstrapped company that makes finely-crafted software products for small- and medium-sized businesses. We are also working on products that help solve uniquely Indian problems. The long-term goal is to build a solid revenue-driven product company where people love to work.

High-quality technology

  • Use of proven, future-proof techologies and tools
  • Thorough testing before deployment
  • Search engine optimized code
  • Equally good performance on mobiles and tablets

Intuitive Design

  • Painstaking attention to detail
  • Focus on user-experience, usability and convenience
  • Clean and visually appealing design
  • Mobile-friendly layouts

Impeccable Service

  • Highly-skilled and reliable team
  • Constant communication to set the right expectations
  • Skin-in-the-game-level dedication to the project
  • Just a phone call away, especially in times of need

Turn your idea into a great product

Give us a few details about what you want to build and let's get started.

Selected Past work

NewsCentral24x7 and NewsCentral24x7 Hindi

An new-age anti-far-right publication that seeks to inform the electorate about the truth around present-day politics and to prevent them from being swayed by false propaganda. Both websites have been built on Wordpress with a lot of custom work done. The design reflects the desire of the team to have a news website that looked modern, professional and sharp.

Northeastern University - Graduate Student Government

A redesign of the official website of the Graduate Student Government at Northeastern University. The website has been built on Wordpress using a custom theme forked from the Underscores starter theme with the Bootstrap CSS framework integrated into it. The clean design incorporates a lot of white space and heavy usage of Northeastern University's official symbols and colors.

KLAC Egypt

The business website of KLAC Egypt, a garment manufacturer based out of Cairo, Egypt. Built using HTML, CSS and Javascript from the ground up (no framework apart from jQuery was used). The website is very simple and light, which also works as a well-designed flyer for the team.

Stitched by Phoenix

The business website of Phoenix Designs, one of the major exporters of fashion apparel in the Delhi region. Built on Wordpress, the clean and minimalistic style with most of the color being added through elements like photographs tries to portray the clean asthetics of elegant fashion.


The business website of MobilNxt, one of the leading SMS marketing providers in the Delhi region. Built on Wordpress. The website uses bright colors with a cool and informal look to attract the users' attention and showcases all the information about their offerings in an organised manner.


The (now old) personal portfolio webiste of the founder of Greythink.in. Built using the Bootstrap CSS framework, jQuery and Google Script (which helps store all the entries from the contact form in a Google Spreadsheet using an API integration). The next version of this website will be out deployed soon.

Get Validation

A fun and simple side-project inspired by an Instagram post that was discovered by a friend.

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