Welcome to Greythink Labs

We are a tiny bootstrapped company that makes finely-crafted websites and software products for small- and medium-sized businesses. We are first-principle thinkers and problem solvers at heart. We try to stay away from gimmicks and buzzwords, instead focusing on solving our clients' problems using the right tools available in the budget.

Selected Work


The redesign of the business website for MBA4India, a top-tier higher-education consultancy that focuses MBA admissions. Their previous website looked like it had been created in the nineties—the redesign gave it a modern aesthetic and professional aura that was more in line with the values held by the business. The website was built using self-hosted WordPress with a fully custom theme created from scratch that was optimised for long-term maintainability.

Phool Kumari Bakes

The website of a small home bakery that focuses on delighting customers with baked goodies made from the freshest and highest-quality ingerdients available. The website was built using Webflow to avoid recurring developer intervention (maintenance and security updates happen automatically). The content is pulled from data stored within Webflow's CMS and is editable by the website admins. The website's scope and design were deliberately kept simple to work with a constrained budget and more focus was given to work with the vibrant colours and elements present in the company logo.

News Central 24x7 and News Central 24x7 Hindi

New-age news publications that sought to inform the electorate about a more moderate truth about present-day politics. Both websites were built using self-hosted Wordpress with a lot of custom features and styling. The design reflected the desire of the team to have a news website that looked modern, professional and sharp. The entity shut down in 2022 and the websites were removed from the internet (hence the Internet Archive links).

Jonaki Ray's Website

The portfolio website of Jonaki Ray, a poet and author based out of Delhi, India. A quick and limited-budget website, it was created using an existing theme on Wordpress.com but with numerous styling customisations.

KLAC Egypt

The business website of KLAC Egypt, a garment manufacturer based out of Cairo, Egypt. Built using HTML, CSS and Javascript from the ground up (no framework apart from jQuery was used). The website was very simple and light (just two pages) and worked as a well-designed flyer for the team as well. This was one of the first websites built by us and serves as a reminder of how some problems don't need complex solutions.

Archit Chandra's Website

The personal website of the founder of Greythink Labs. This is the second version of the website and focuses on human and machine readability of the content and the underlying HTML. The website was built using Statamic and uses Tailwind as the CSS framework. The design of the website is currently in a nascent stage and has intentionally been kept very simple. Fun fact: the current version of the website does not use any Javascript.

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